BNESIM launches BNESIM X Infinity: unlimited data and unlimited calls worldwide

international sim card unlimited data

Virtual SIM company, BNESIM, is beloved by travellers for its easy-to-use SIM cards that allow people to travel the globe without juggling cell phones. Now the company is expanding its horizons with the introduction of BNESIM X Infinity. This unprecedented SIM card service offers customers an international SIM card, unlimited data, and unlimited calls.

BNESIM X Infinity was created with flexibility in mind. The service allows customers to enjoy 6GB of high-speed Internet per month. Once the full speed allowance has been spent, customers can still use unlimited data at reduced speeds of 128Kbps. BNESIM X Infinity also allows unlimited minutes of calls. These remarkable services can be used seamlessly across 88 countries in 6 continents.

BNESIM X Infinity isn’t just for the avid tourist. These unique SIM cards are ideal for business travellers. BNESIM allows customers to utilize up to two cell phone numbers. This is ideal for business travellers, because they can keep their home and work life separate, while still only using one phone and SIM card.

BNESIM is currently nominated in the World Travel Awards 2018 for the “World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider.” Customers are also singing their praise.

“[I] love going on holidays and exploring new destinations,” said customer Clive Pereira. “However, the biggest challenge I often faced was finding a SIM card that provides value for money on data packages and call clarity… I took a chance and tried out BNESIM about a month ago, and I can honestly say that the problems I faced on my holidays in the past have been put to rest.”

BNESIM X Infinity allows customers to pay as they go. Customers can order an Unlimited SIM card plan for 1 month, 6 months, or a year. Right now BNESIM is running a discount offer, so the longer customers sign up for, the lower the monthly cost is. Customers can receive up to 50% off by signing up for a year-long plan.

Unlike other cell phone plans, unused minutes never expire. Customers can simply top up their credit every six months and keep their accounts active. This way, credit will roll over month to month until customers are travelling again.

Customers do not have to wait until they are on the road to purchase a BNESIM SIM card. BNESIM ships worldwide. This allows customers to prepare for their trips, long before the plane takes off. Once a customer receives a BNESIM 4G LTE SIM card, the installation process is simple. A full list of foolproof instructions is available on BNESIM’s website,

BNESIM understands that travelling can be a hectic process. That’s why the company has created an app that transforms into a virtual SIM card. This unparalleled app can receive phone calls from across the globe, even when you don’t have the physical SIM card in your phone. The app is also space and energy savings, so it will not drain your battery.

With BNESIM X Infinity, travellers no longer have to waste valuable time during their trip searching for an international SIM card. They also don’t have to worry about expensive roaming fees from their carrier in their home country. BNESIM X Infinity gives users the ability to travel the globe, without worried about bills, connectivity, or extra fees.

BNESIM is so confident in its services, they offer a free money-back guarantee for peace of mind. If customers are not completely delighted with their BNESIM card for any reason, they can return it for a full, prompt, no-hassle refund.


Started in 2017, BNESIM has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable virtual SIM card companies. The BNESIM app allows customers to talk, text, and share their lives with friends and family across the globe. Thousands of happy customers use the app daily while travelling or to talk with international loved ones. BNESIM also offers a customized cell phone service for avid travellers. BNESIM is committed to high quality, responsive service to give customers the best experience. You can learn more about BNESIM at


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